[Oncology, Travis Rothrock, Research models]

Bridging studies - Why do researchers switch rodent strains?

Selecting the right model and rodent strain for your oncology studies can maximize the chances of success. However, there is an ever-increasing portfolio of available models and strains that may...

[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment, Custom diets]

Exploring the use of custom diets as a research tool

A strategic custom diet can serve as a vital research tool. This post will discuss how custom lab animal diets are fed for a defined purpose, such as nutrient control, inducing disease, or as a...

[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment, Custom diets, Lab animal diets]

Standard lab animal diets vs. custom diets: exploring the key differences

Researchers today have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to feeding laboratory animals. Let’s explore the differences between standard diets and custom laboratory animal diets.

[Polyclonal antibody production, Custom antibody production, Monoclonal antibody production, Research models]

5 easy ways to avoid antibody production mistakes

Creating highly productive cell lines requires a great level of care that starts with cell line development. Inotiv’s Rook Khajenouri and Richard Drucker understand the challenges customers face...

[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment, Dietary phytoestrogen]

The good, the bad and the ugly effects, of dietary phytoestrogen in laboratory animal diets

Soybean meal, a common ingredient in laboratory animal diets, contains variable levels of phytoestrogens. These plant-derived compounds mimic the structure and function of estrogens in mammals and...

[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment, NAFLD/NASH]

Understanding NASH: the 'silent' liver disease

The so-called “silent” liver disease of NASH ranks third for the leading causes of liver transplants and our global obesity epidemic has only increased the prevalence of NASH. Without an approved...

[Custom antibody production, Monoclonal antibody production, Research models]

5 Tips to successful monoclonal antibody production

Monoclonal antibodies play a critical role in research, diagnostics and product development and provide numerous benefits to patients in diverse therapeutic areas. mAbs are capable of recognizing...

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