[Animal welfare, Animal Research, Research models]

Advancing cancer immunotherapy research with rodent models

Immunotherapies have offered new hope to patients that haven’t responded to traditional cancer treatments. While many of these breakthroughs have improved survival rates and patient outcomes, ongoing...

[Animal welfare, "pollination", Animal Research, research-models-services, Research services, Research models]

Key considerations for non-human primate environmental enrichment

With animal welfare always a top priority at Inotiv, enrichment is considered part of a continuous improvement process that takes into account latest training, approaches, and methods to ensure...

[contract breeding services, Animal Research, Research models]

The fine art of contract breeding

The quality of preclinical research is key to the successful translation of new drugs to the clinic. An important driver of this quality is a healthy, meticulously managed, and accurately...

[Contract research, Biomedical research, Animal Research, Research models]

4 tips to help secure research funding

Securing research funding is becoming increasingly difficult with the ever-growing competition across all disciplines worldwide vying for grant approval. For instance, the National Institutes of...

[Animal Research, Research models]

Rodents in research: Is 2020 the year of the lab rat?

Lab rats and mice have been used for decades to make great medical advances, from HIV antiretrovirals to the flu vaccine. But there’s always been an interesting debate about which is the more useful...

[immunodeficient research models, Animal Research, immunodeficient rodents, Research models]

Care and husbandry for immunodeficient rodents: guidance to reduce risks in your research

Immunodeficient rodents can serve as a valuable part of basic research studies to help researchers better understand immune-related diseases and immune response. Use of these unique models have...

[Animal welfare, Animal Research, Research models]

4 tips for developing a laboratory animal care training program

The quality of research and welfare of laboratory animals greatly depends on the competence of those caring for them humanely and responsibly. That is why a comprehensive training program is vital to...

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