[Custom antibody production, Research models]

Custom antibody production and the value of experience

There are many uses for custom antibodies in research, from developing therapeutics to their use in in vitro assays. Production of antibodies is a technically demanding and time-consuming process,...

[Custom antibody production, Research models]

Antibody reproducibility: the importance to your research

The production of antibodies for use in research and development and in medicine has a long history. Although there is no doubt that the use of antibodies has made a significant contribution to our...

[Polyclonal antibody production, Custom antibody production, Monoclonal antibody production, Research models]

5 easy ways to avoid antibody production mistakes

Creating highly productive cell lines requires a great level of care that starts with cell line development. Inotiv’s Rook Khajenouri and Richard Drucker understand the challenges customers face...

[Custom antibody production, Monoclonal antibody production, Research models]

5 Tips to successful monoclonal antibody production

Monoclonal antibodies play a critical role in research, diagnostics and product development and provide numerous benefits to patients in diverse therapeutic areas. mAbs are capable of recognizing...

[Polyclonal antibody production, Custom antibody production, Research models]

6 simple secrets for polyclonal antibody production

Careful planning and preparation is essential to produce exceptional polyclonal antibodies (pABs). Polyclonal antibodies are produced from a mixture of B lymphocytes with different epitope affinities...

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