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Promoting Animal Welfare with Implanted Telemetry

As part of the advanced surgical services offered by Inotiv, telemetry represents an important part of a thoughtful, experimental design. Learn how telemetered data can promote animal welfare,...

[Research models, Rodent]

Inbred and outbred rodent strains: What you need to know for your research

The genetic diversity of rodents used in drug development studies plays a role in both replicating research and understanding the differences in a treatment due to heterogeneity of a model. To help...

[Animal welfare, Animal Research, Research models]

Advancing cancer immunotherapy research with rodent models

Immunotherapies have offered new hope to patients that haven’t responded to traditional cancer treatments. While many of these breakthroughs have improved survival rates and patient outcomes, ongoing...

[Research models]

Going beyond the guidelines: How Inotiv invests in animal welfare

As research has evolved, so have best practices for promoting animal health and welfare. Inotiv's Director of Veterinary Sciences EMEA (DVS), shares how they've seen animal welfare shift over the...

[Research models]

Enabling toxicology and carcinogenicity testing with the Wistar Han rat

The Wistar Hannover rat, also known as RccHan®:WIST and HsdHan®:WIST, is considered a strain of choice for toxicology and carcinogenicity studies, helping advance research for many multinational...

[Research models]

The Integral Role of Project Management in Contract Breeding Services

The integrity of research relies on high-quality breeding, but many researchers find it impractical to breed and maintain colonies in-house for a variety of reasons, including limited resources for...

[Rodent surgical models, Surgical models, Research services, Research models]

Creating a reliable heart failure model is not for the fainthearted

Heart failure is a major and escalating global public health problem with a prevalence of more than 5.8 million cases in the USA alone, and an additional 550,000 new diagnoses are made every year....

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