[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment, Dietary phytoestrogen]

The good, the bad and the ugly effects, of dietary phytoestrogen in laboratory animal diets

Soybean meal, a common ingredient in laboratory animal diets, contains variable levels of phytoestrogens. These plant-derived compounds mimic the structure and function of estrogens in mammals and...

[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment, NAFLD/NASH]

Understanding NASH: the 'silent' liver disease

The so-called “silent” liver disease of NASH ranks third for the leading causes of liver transplants and our global obesity epidemic has only increased the prevalence of NASH. Without an approved...

[Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment]

Understanding the effect of high-fat rodent diets on obesity phenotypes

Studying obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, or other metabolic syndromes requires feeding rodents purified, high-fat diets, but at what age should a high-fat diet be introduced to a model? Which...

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