[Oncology, therapeutic product R&D, cancer research, Research models]

5 reasons why the R2G2® mouse could help you achieve your oncology research milestones

The R2G2® mouse has the potential to help you break new ground in investigational cancer therapies. In two recent studies, this model tolerated standard of care chemotherapy and estrogen...

[carcinogenicity, Wistar Han®, toxicology, Research models]

3 reasons why Wistar Han® could be the perfect model for your study

The selection of your animal model for toxicity and carcinogenicity testing plays an essential role in the accuracy of your study findings. Our researchers recently completed a two-year study of 130...

[immunodeficient research models, Research models]

How can cryopreservation safeguard vulnerable model strains?

You’ve spent years building the ideal colony for your study – and have invested even more resources into maintaining it for future usage. Imagine that after investing time and money developing and...

[Rodent surgical models, Brad Gien, Research models]

4 key considerations when selecting a rodent surgical model

Animal catheterization serves a valuable tool to reduce experimental variability in several ways. It allows for consistent dosing as well as consistent blood sampling, while at the same time...

[Polyclonal antibody production, Monoclonal antibody production, Research models]

8 insightful Inotiv antibody resources from 2017

Maximize your research, diagnostic or therapeutic use of antibodies in 2018 and beyond It was a busy year for Inotiv's custom antibodies team in 2017. As another year came to an end, we collated a...

[Polyclonal antibody production, Monoclonal antibody production, Research models]

Imagine a world without antibodies

Ongoing efforts to advance research, diagnostics and therapeutic products It is hard to imagine a world without antibodies. Besides their natural ability to fight off diseases in animals, they are...

[antigen selection and preparation, Research models]

How do you intend to use your antibody?

Antigen selection and preparation Optimal selection and preparation of the antigen is crucial to obtaining high-quality antibodies in both polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production. Although the...

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